IT505: Towards a Standard Ontology Metadata Model

TitleIT505: Towards a Standard Ontology Metadata Model
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMin H, Turner S, de Coronado S, Davis B, Whetzel T, Freimuth RR, Solbrig HR, Kiefer R, Riben M, Stafford GA, Wright L, Ohira R
Conference NameInternational Conference on Biomedical Ontology and BioCreative (ICBO BioCreative 2016)
Date Published11/30/16 Volume 1747
Other NumbersVol-1747|urn:nbn:de:0074-1747-1

Bio-ontologies are becoming increasingly important in semantic alignment for data integration, information exchange, and semantic interoperability. Due to the large number of emerging bio-ontologies, it is challenging for ontology for their applications. Therefore, it is important to have a consistent terminology metadata model and a resource for discovering appropriate ontologies or other resource for use in annotating data. This paper aims to seek a common, shareable, and comprehensive method to create, disseminate, and consume metadata about terminology resources.