D202: Reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology for agronomy to build AgroPortal

TitleD202: Reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology for agronomy to build AgroPortal
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJonquet C, Toulet A, Arnaud E, Aubin S, Yeumo ED, Emonet V, Graybeal J, Musen MA, Pommier C, Larmande P
Conference NameInternational Conference on Biomedical Ontology and BioCreative (ICBO BioCreative 2016)
Date Published11/30/16
PublisherCEUR-ws.org Volume 1747
Other NumbersVol-1747|urn:nbn:de:0074-1747-1

Many vocabularies and ontologies are produced to represent and annotate agronomic data. By reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology, we have already designed and implemented an advanced prototype ontology repository for the agronomy domain. We plan to turn that prototype into a real service to the community. The AgroPortal project aims at reusing the scientific outcomes and experience of the biomedical domain in the context of plant, agronomic, food, environment (perhaps animal) sciences. We offer an ontology portal which features ontology hosting, search, versioning, visualization, comment, recommendation, enables semantic annotation, as well as storing and exploiting ontology alignments. All of these within a fully semantic web compliant infrastructure. The AgroPortal specifically pays attention to respect the requirements of the agronomic community in terms of ontology formats (e.g., SKOS, trait dictionaries) or supported features. In this paper, we present our prototype as well as preliminary outputs of four driving agronomic use cases. With the experience acquired in the biomedical domain and building atop of an already existing technology, we think that AgroPortal offers a robust and stable reference repository that will become highly valuable for the agronomic domain.