IP10: Analysis of SNOMED ‘bleeding’ concepts & terms

TitleIP10: Analysis of SNOMED ‘bleeding’ concepts & terms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBona J, Seppälä S, Ceusters W
Conference NameInternational Conference on Biomedical Ontology and BioCreative (ICBO BioCreative 2016)
Date Published11/30/16
PublisherCEUR-ws.org Volume 1747
Other NumbersVol-1747|urn:nbn:de:0074-1747-1

We present an analysis of SNOMED CT ÔbleedingÕ concepts Ð those concepts with descriptions that include ÔhematomaÕ, ÔhemorrhageÕ, or ÔbleedingÕ; or that are descended from ÔBleeding (finding)Õ in the Is-a hierarchy; or that have Hematomas or Hemorrhages as their associated morphology Ð to assess how consistently they are used in the ontology.