BioCreative 2016 Submissions

BioCreative: Critical Assessment of Information Extraction in Biology is a community-wide effort for evaluating text mining and information extraction systems applied to the biological domain. We are happy to announce that we will host BioCreative Workshop 2016 at Corvallis Oregon, USA on August 1-2, 2016, as a satellite to the International Conference on Biological Ontology (ICBO) 2016. The goal of this workshop is to provide a discussion forum for topics of interest to the BioCreative community and to encourage synergistic interactions with the ontology community. The second day sessions of BioCreative 2016 will run jointly with the ICBO meeting.

BioCreative 2016 will consist of following sessions that were selected based on input from the community via a user survey recently conducted. The event agenda can be found here.

Topic Chairs Description

Sesion 1

Text mining-facilitated models of curation

Lynette Hirschman

Application of text mining methods in areas such as crowdsourcing, database curation, publication process, and metagenomics.

Sesion 2

Text mining in precision medicine

Donald Comeau

Methods for annotations such as disease, phenotype, and adverse reactions in different text sources literature, clinical records and social media

Sesion 3

Domain portability or generalizability across medical literature

Donald Comeau and Kevin Bretonnel Cohen Methods to achieve interoperability, generalizability and scalability in text mining: BioC, RDF and semantic web, among others

Sesion 4 (ICBO-BioCreative joint session)

Text mining and ontologies

Cecilia Arighi and Pankaj Jaiwal Application of ontologies in text mining, and text mining as ontology builder. (with ICBO)



BioCreative and ICBO are using the same format for the submissions. In the case of BioCreative submissions will consist of 2-page extended abstracts (2 column format). For your convenience templates with formatting is provided as MS Word, but works should be submitted in PDF format. Please adhere carefully to the provided templates and the 2 page length requirements. All CLOSED



Poster dimension should be maximum Width 36" (inches) x Height 44" (inches).
Works selected for talks are also encourage to bring a poster to foster further discussion.
Posters should be set up on August 1 before the poster session time and be available throughout the meeting


  • 3/15/2016        Call for extended abstracts for poster or oral presentation
  • 5/15/2016        Scientific abstract submission deadline
  • 5/15/2016        Deadline for submission of travel award applications
  • 5/25/2016        Notification of scientific paper acceptance
  • 7/01/2016        Deadline for all camera-ready copies for the proceedings
  • 8/01/2016        BioCreative 2016


Funds are available for US participants for the amount up to $700 to participate in BioCreative workshop 2016. To apply complete the application available here by May 15. Women, under-represented minorities, students, and post-doctoral fellows are encouraged to apply.