D103-W12-05-IP36: The Phenoscape Knowledgebase: tools and APIs for computing across phenotypes from evolutionary diversity and model organisms
D104: Updates to the AberOWL ontology repository
D106-BP04: Enhancing Information Accessibility of Publications with Text Mining and Ontology
D201: Ontobull and BFOConvert: Web-based programs to support automatic ontology conversion
D202: Reusing the NCBO BioPortal technology for agronomy to build AgroPortal
D203: Humane OWL: RDF and OWL for Humans
D205: Easy Extraction of Terms and Definitions with OWL2TL
IP02: Adding evidence type representation to DIDEO
IP03: Multi-species Ontologies of the Craniofacial Musculoskeletal System
IP04: EGO: a biomedical ontology for integrative epigenome representation and analysis
IP05: An Ontological Representation for the Transtheoretical Theory
IP06: Building a molecular glyco-phenotype ontology to decipher undiagnosed diseases
IP07: The Cell Line Ontology integration and analysis of the knowledge of LINCS cell lines
IP08: Gold-Standard Ontology-Based Annotation of Concepts in Biomedical Text in the CRAFT Corpus: Updates and Extensions
IP09: How to Summarize Big Knowledge Subjects
IP10: Analysis of SNOMED ‘bleeding’ concepts & terms
IP11: Uc_Sense: An Ontology for Scientifically-based Unambiguous Characterization of Sensory Experiences
IP12: NAPRALERT, from an historical information silo to a linked resource able to address the new challenges in Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy.
IP13: uc_Eating: Ontology for unambiguous characterization of eating and food habits
IP14: Towards designing an ontology encompassing the environment-agriculture-food-diet-health knowledge spectrum for food system sustainability and resilience.
IP15: uc_Milk: An ontology for scientifically-based unambiguous characterization of mammalian milk, their composition and the biological processes giving rise to their creation
IP16: Definition Coverage in the OBO Foundry Ontologies: The Big Picture
IP17: Comparison of ontology mapping techniques to map plant trait ontologies
IP18: The ImmPort Antibody Ontology
IP19: Opportunities and challenges presented by Wikidata in the context of biocuration