BIT101-D204: Large-scale Semantic Indexing with Biomedical Ontologies
BIT102: One tagger, many uses: Illustrating the power of ontologies in dictionary-based named entity recognition
BIT103: Scalable Text Mining Assisted Curation of PTM Proteoforms in the Protein Ontology
BIT104: Cardiovascular Health and Physical Activity: A Model for Health Promotion and Decision Support Ontologies
BIT105: A Web Application for Extracting Key Domain Information for Scientific Publications using Ontology
BIT106: Use of text mining for Experimental Factor Ontology coverage expansion in the scope of target validation
BP01: Ignet: A centrality and INO-based web system for analyzing and visualizing literature-mined networks
BP02: Disease Named Entity Recognition Using NCBI Corpus
BP03: Label Embedding Approach for Transfer Learning
BT101: SourceData: Making Data discoverable
BT102: Cycles of Scientific Investigation in Discourse - Machine Reading Methods for the Primary Research Contributions of a Paper
BT103: Collaborative Workspaces for Pathway Curation
BT104: Crowdsourcing Protein Family Database Curation
BT105: Opportunities and challenges presented by Wikidata in the context of biocuration
BT201: Text mining to enable routine personalized cancer therapy
BT202: Social Media Mining for Pharmacovigilance
BT203: MutD – A PubMed Scale Resource for Protein Mutation-Disease Relations through Bio-Medical Literature Mining
BT204: CancerMine: Knowledge base construction for personalised cancer treatment
BT205: Text Mining for Drug Development: Gathering Insights to Support Decision Making
BT301: NLP for the Institute: Developing and Deploying an NLP Capability to Accelerate Cancer Research
BT302: Annotations for biomedical research and healthcare – Bridging the gap
BT303: PubAnnotation: a public shared platform for scientific literature annotation.
BT304: BioCconvert: A Conversion Tool Between BioC and PubAnnotation
D101: Plant Image Segmentation and Annotation with Ontologies in BisQue
D102: SPARQL2OWL: towards bridging the semantic gap between RDF and OWL